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Question: a pump is being used to transport a liquid food...

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A pump is being used to transport a liquid food product (density=1000kg/m^3, velocity=1.5cP) from a holding talk to a filling machine at a mass flow rate of 2 kg/s. The liquid level in the holding tank is 10m above the pump, and the filling machine is 5m above the pump. There is 100m of 2-in. nominal diameter sanitary pipeline between the holding tank and the filling machine, with one open globe valve and four regular 90 degree flanged elbows in the system. The product is being pumped through a heat exchanger with 100kPa of pressure drop due to friction before filling. Determine the theoretical power requirement for the pump.

The steps I need to take: find the average velocity, Reynold's number and relative roughness. After that, calculate the losses due to friction (2 minor (fittings and globe valves) and one major). Then find Ep and use that to find the power.

Can someone help me solve this with the steps I wrote down? Thank you

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