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A section of high pressure piping (to be treated as a thick-walled cylinder, see Lecture #5 notes) is suspended by hangers at 10 ft intervals as shown in the figure. The pipe has an outside diameter of 6 in, an inside diameter of 4 in and conveys hydrogen gas at a pressure of 5000 psi. It has been proposed to use the pipe for temporary 2000 Ibf hoist by dropping a chain fall from the mid-point between hangers. lo IA [a]. Calculate all of the stresses acting on an element at the inside radius of the pipe as shown in the figure cross-section, point A. Draw a three-dimensional element showing all the stresses acting at point A. For simplicity, assume that the pipe is simply supported at the hangers. [b]. Draw a 3-D Mohrs circle for element A [c]. If the pipe is made from a cold drawn steel of yield strength of 54 Kpsi, what is the factor of safety against yielding of point A as per, (i) maximum shear stress theory of Tresca, andii) distortion energy theory (DET) of Mises

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