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A shaft is supported in bearings 1.8 m apart and projects 0.45 m beyond bearings at each end as shown in Flgure 4.1 and Figure 4.2. The shaft carries three pulleys one at each end (A and C) and one at the middle of its length (B). The mass of end palleys is 48 kg and 20 kg and their centre of gravity are 15 mm and 12 5 mm respectively from the shaft axis. The centre pulley has a mass of 56 kg and its centre of gravity is 15 mm from the shaft axis. I the pulleys are arranged so as to give statie balance, determine: (a) Relative angular positions of the palleys. (15 marks) (b) Dynamic forces produced on the bearings when the shaft rotates at 300 rpm. (10 marks) 0.45 m 0.45 m 1.8 m 2.7 m Figure 4.1 Position of shaft and pulleys 123 78 Figure 4.2 Angular position of pulleys

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