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Question: a simple gear train has 5 gears gear a is...

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A simple gear train has 5 gears. Gear A is the driver with 5 teeth; Gear B meshes with Gear A and has 10 teeth; Gear C meshes with Gear B and has 15 teeth; Gear D meshes with Gear C and has 5 teeth; Gear E meshes with Gear D. Assume the driver gear is on the left and the final output gear is on the right. (Sketch required. No sketch, no credit.)

A. If the system gear ratio is 4:1, how many teeth does Gear E have?

B. If Gear A rotates at 50 rpm, how fast is gear D rotating?

C. If the torque on Gear B is 10 in-pounds, what is the torque on Gear C?

D. If Gear A has a diameter of 1.25 inches, what is the diameter of Gear D?

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