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A single cylinder, four stroke, D.I. engine has following parameters: bore B 137.2 mm, stroke S 165.1 mm, crank shaft offset a- 82.55 mm, connecting rod length 165.1 mm, compression ratio rc = 16.3. Assume: intake pressure Pintake 114.2 kPa; intake temperature 30 deg C; engine speed 780 rpm; air mass flow 85 kg/hr fuel mass flow 1.8 kg/hr, fuel low heating value LHV 44 MJ/kg; k-1.35; cp,air 1.108 kJ/kgK; cv,air-0.821 kJ/kgK. Perform a thermodynamic analysis of a dual- cycle for this engine i.e., similar with the dual cycle shown in Fig. 3-10 in the textbook, the cycle consists of isentropic compression stroke 1-2, constant-volume heat input 2-x using 30% of the total fuel, constant-pressure heat input x- 3 using the rest of the fuel, isentropic expansion stroke 3-4, and constant-volume heat rejection 4-5), using the information above and air as working fluid. Assume a 95% combustion Displacement volume in L (Va . Clearance volume in L (Ve) * Temperature at point 1 in degk ( T) Pressure at point 2 in Pa (P2) Temperature at point 2 in degk (T2) Mass of fluid inside the cylinder in kg (m) Work during process 1-2 in J (12) . Heat added in J (Qin Pressure at point 2x in Pa (P3) Temperature at point 2x in degK (T) Pressure at point 3 in Pa (P3) Temperature at point 3 in degK (Ts) Volume at point 3 in L (T3) Work during process x-3 in J(W,s) Pressure at point 4 in Pa (P4) Temperature at point 4 in degK (T4) Work during process 3-4 in J(W34) Net engine work in J (Wet) * Indicated thermal efficiency (no units) ( Answer tolerance 5%. Be sure to include units. )
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