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Question: a spatula with 05 g of unknown metal w x...

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A spatula with 0.5 g of unknown metal W, X, Y and Z, each can either be Cu, Sn, Zn or Ca, was respectively added to a test tube containing 5 ml of hydrochloric acid (HCl) at a concentration of 1 M. The following was observed:

Metal Observations
W Air bubbles were released consistently from the metal
X No change
Y Air bubbles were seen slowly emerging from the metal after 5 minutes
Z Air bubbles were released aggressively as soon as the metal came into contact with HCl

a. Based on the observations, determine the identity of each of the metal. (1 mark)

b. After 30 minutes, the volume of metal W was observed to have decreased and the air bubbles stopped forming. Explain why by showing your calculations. (4 marks)

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