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(a) Steam is supplied, dry saturated at 40 bar to a turbine and the condenser pressure is 0.035 bar. If the plant operates on the Rankine cycle, calculate, per kilogram of steam (i) the work output neglecting the feed-pump work; (i the work required for the feed pump; i) the heat transferred to the condenser cooling water, and the amount of cooling 1 water required through the condenser if the temperature rise of the water is assumed to be 5.5 K (iv) the heat supplied; (v) the Rankine efficiency (vi) the specific steam consumption. (b) For the same steam conditions calculate the efficiency and the specific steam consumption for a Carnot cycle operating with wet steam. Repeat Problem condenser pressure of 0.035 bar 2 1(a) for a steam supply condition of 40 bar and 350°C and the same
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