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Question: a steam pipe doute70 mm l 4 m resides...

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A steam pipe (doute,-70 mm; L = 4 m) resides in a large room whose contents are at 20°C. The pipe outer surface temperature is 205°C, and its emissivity is 0.8. The coefficient associated with free convection from the pipe to the surrounding air (also at 20°G) is h- 14W/m2K. a) What is the total rate of heat loss from the pipe surface? b) Your manager asks you to consider two options for reducing the heat loss: (1) restricting air movement around the pipe so that h is reduced by a factor of two, or (2) coating the outer surface of the pipe with a low emissivity (: 0.4) paint, which do you recommend, and why? (Justify your answer quantitatively.)

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