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Question: a steel pipe k72wm oc of 34 mm outer diameter...

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A steel pipe (k=72W/m oC) of 34 mm outer diameter and 2mm radial thickness carries dry saturated steam at 120°C.The pipe has been provided with asbestos insulation (k-0.3 W/m C) to Check and minimize the rate of steam condensation. T located in surroundings at 25°C.Taking unit length of pipe, Calculate a) Thickness of asbestos insulation for which the rate of steam condensation is same as he pipe is that when the pipe is uninsulated. b) Mass flow rate of condensation when the above insulation is provided, and c) Highest rate of condensation and corresponding insulation thickness Take surface conductances on air-side and steam-side as 13 W/m C and 500 W/m C respectively and hig at 120c-2300kJ/kg.

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