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a) the ums Calendar Gradebook Log Out Timelimt: 3 hours, 1:21:28 ren A biologist is studying the plant daversity in 15 million acres of the Sierra Nevada Mountains He will count the mumber of species in 150 acres. Match the strategies to their corresponding sampling techniques The boologist goes to 15 drverse locations that have 10 acres each and surveys all 10 acres for each of these 15 locations The biologist goes to his 150 favorite hiking places and looks at an acres along each trail The biologst classifies the Sierras into 10 dafferent ecological types and then makes sure that the proportion of each ecological ope from the sample is the same as the propertion of that of the population The biologist oeders the 15 mallion acres by latitude and then surveys every 100000th acre on the list The boologist enters the 15 million acres inmo a data base and bad a computer randomly select 150 of these acres a Simple Randos Sampling b Chaster Sampling c. Systematic Sampling d Coevenience Sampling e Stratified Sampling Hint: Sampling Methods Testbook Pages Points pessible: 2 This is attempt 1 of 2 DO
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