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Question: a thickwalled pipe labeled quotaquot of length l is used...

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A thick-walled pipe (labeled A) of length L is used to transport a highly viscous liquid. To make the liquid less viscous and pump-able, a very thin resistive heater is wrapped around the pipe to heat it. This assembly is then encased in insulation (B). The liquid is at temperature Ti and has a convection coefficient of hi, while the surrounding air has temperature and convection coefficient of Ts and hs. (a) Draw the thermal circuit that represents this one-dimensional, steady-state conduction problem. Be sure to label all nodes and resistors with values (all written symbolically), and show on this circuit the heat flows (into and out of nodes). (b) Draw a control surface on the circuit diagram around the node representing the interface between the outer surface of the pipe and the inner surface of the insulation, and apply the First Law to this surface. [This equation could be used, for example, to determine the heater power needed to maintain the liquid at a certain temperature, or could be used to determine the liquid temperature if the heater power input is specified.] Insalat ion s, s 3

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