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2. A tone signal, cosumt, is used for DSB and LSSB wer Single Side Band) modulations, using the same carrier frequency fc 200 kHz, and carrier amplitudes, Ad and As, respectively. (a) (3 Points) In order for the two modulated signals to have equal average powers, what should be the ratio of their carrier amplitudes, Ad/Ac? (b) (6 Points) The modulated signals are transmitted over channels with additive noise where the noise has the power spectral density shown in the figure. No /2 -200 kHz 200 KHz At the receiver the signals are demodulated using synchronous detection. Compare the output Signal to Noise Ratios (SNRs) of the detected signals. (c) (3 Points) Repeat part (b) if the second signal is U-SSB (Upper Single Side Band). Potentially useful formulas DSB: (SNR) SSB: (SNR) (SNR) where D refers to Post Detection, and T refers to Pre-Detection

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