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A tropical storm formed over the ocean by low atmospheric pressures approaches land. An Xinordinate ocean swells accompany the storm. The wind velocity at the center eye is very low (see picture). The atmospheric pressure 250 mi from the eye issan,rat pont 1-Perly normal for the ócean) and the winds are calm. The atmospheric pressure t the eve of the storm is 20.0 in Hg. Estimate the oc ean swell at (a) the eye of the hurricane at point 3 and lh) nd velocity is 159 mph (category 5). Note that the density of seawater mercury are 64 lbm/ft and 848 lbm/ht), respectively, and the density of air at normal sea level temperature and pressure is 0.076 Ibm/ft Useful formula: AP (p ghne- (pgh Answer: rade 4. Instead of using full Navier-Stokes equation, write your assumption and/or limitations when applying Bernoulli equation to solve below problem, then answer the questions (i) Water is flowing from a garden hose. A student places her thumb to cover most of the hose outlet, causing a thin jet of high speed water to emerge. The pressure in the hose just upstream of her thumb is Pt. If the hose is held upward, what is the maximum height that the jet could achieve? Answer: e3tf . (ii) If she then aims the hose sideways, what would the change(s).be? Answer: . 0 (ii) Now the hose is held vertically downward, what would the changels be? Answer: . o es eg
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