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A. True or false. If your answer is false, please explain your reasons. (2000) 1. )8051 cannot change the fixed priority level of interupts 2. 8051 only supports level-triggered interrupts. 3. 8051 does not support software interrupt. 4. The serial port of 8051 does not support interrupt. That is, a programmer will have to use polling to send and receive data. 5. 8051 does not allow interrupt inside an interrupt. 6. 8051 has 8-bit address bus and 16-bit data bus. 7. Agiven memory block uses address 1000H 3FFFH. The memory block has 8K bytes 8. 8255 is an interrupt controller chip. ).8051 can only access 64K bytes of memory. However, we can use memory bank to make 8051 able to access more than 64K bytes. 10. ). 8051 generally uses memory-mapped I/O to connect to 8255. A programmer uses MOVC instruction to access 8255 ports

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