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A two stage reduction drive is to be designed to transmit 2 kW; the input speed being 960 r.p.m. and overall reduction ratio being 9. The drive consists of straight tooth spur gears only, the shafts being spaced 200 mm apart, the input and output shafts being co-axial. (a) Draw a layout of a suitable system to meet the above specifications, indicating the speeds of all rotating components (b) Calculate the module, pitch diameter, number of teeth, blank diameter and face width of the gears for medium heavy duty conditions, the gears being of medium grades of accuracy. Draw to scale one of the gears and specify on the drawing the calculated dimensions and other data complete in every respect for manufacturing purposes. (c) (d) Design shafts for gears (e) Specify the manufacturing process for gears-assuming we manufacture gears in house. (f) Suggest COTS gears from vendors such as McMaster Carr that can be used

Pressure Angle either 14.5 or 22

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