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Question: a what are the amplitude and period of this oscillation...

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(a) What are the amplitude and period of this oscillation (b) what are the maximum speed and maximแrn ncceleration of the object on the shaker table? (c) Give two times when this object is going at its maximum speod. Explain bow you know 3. Consider the position vx time graph for a mass on a spring showa in Figure 1o) (a) What are the period, frequency, and amplitude of this oscililation (b) What is the equilibrium position of the object? (e) This data is for a 300 obe nspring. What i the stifhess(opring constant) of the spring? (d) How fast is the object going when it is 1.0 cm above its equilibrium position (e) Consider the time interval from t-0.5s tot4.5. What distance does the object travel during this time? Note that distance traveled is not the same thing as position or displacement.. PHYS 1201 Assignment #1 Due: Thurs.. Jan. 17 y (cm) t(s) (a) Position vs time for a mass on a spring (1) Using the methods we have learned, why cant you write a position vs. time function for this function? You can write one if you redefine something (or maybe a few things). What do you need to redefine in order to write a position va. time (c) Do the redeinitions that yu just explalbed and write the position as a function (b) Use your position as a function of time to find the position of the oscillator at function using the methods we know? of time for this oscillator t = 3.8 s Additional questions for practice (will not be marked) Knight, Jones and Field: CQ14-2. CQ143, cQ146, cQ149, CQ14-11, CQ14-14, cQ14-17, P14-7, P14-11, P14-15, P14-21, P14-27, P14-51

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