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Question: a what is the exit temperature for the combustor in...

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CO O2 N2 H20 Jet-A 300 -223.84-49.54 142 CO2 500-2000k (kJ/kmol-K)56 Ah, soK (kJ/mol 370.73 95.36 MW (g/mol) 34 36 33 28 32 2

a) What is the exit temperature for the combustor in the previous problem if the reactants enter the combustor at 800 K and 30 atm AND assuming that the combustor is adiabatic and isobaric. This temperature is known as the adiabatic flame temperature. (Note, the inlet conditions given here are typical for the air entering a modern gas turbine combustor after passing through a compressor at low altitude conditions.)(be careful about the reference condition here)

b) What is the heating value (kJ/kg) of Jet-A based on the data available in the table above (WARNING - do not report the heating value based on looking it up somewhere else).

c) Would the adiabatic flame temperature increase or decrease if the combustor was run at 200% excess air. Be sure to justify your answer (but note, you DO NOT need to calculate an actual value).

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