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Question: a write down a symmetric matrix a such that qx...

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(a) Write down a symmetric matrix A such that Q(x) = xTAx.
(b) Find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of A. (c) Find the maxima and minima of Q(x) subject to ||x|| = 1. You should not use the Lagrange method here.
(d) Find a vector w such that Q(w) = 16. Hint: The vector w could be related to an eigenvector of A. It is possible to find more than one vectors.
The following exercises are for practice.
(e) (Hard) Graphically illustrate parts (c) and (d) following the steps below:
(i) Consider the matrix M = (v1v2), where v1 and v2 are eigenvectors of the matrix A. Use the change of variables, y = MTx, and simplify the quadratic form Q. Hint: See relevant example in the lecture slides. (ii) Draw two new axes, say Y1 and Y2 in the direction of v1 and v2. Are these axes orthogonal to each other? On this new set of axes draw contours Q(y) = c. (iii) You are now ready to provide the required graphical illustrations.
Exercise 3.3: Let x (2-1,T2)т and consider the quadratic form Q(x)-5x2-6x1x2 + 5 2018-2019 Eleni Katirtzoglou (a) Write down

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