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A young boy, named Harry, climbs to the top of a 20.0-meter-high water slide at an amusement park. Harry weighs 450.0 N. You can neglect friction when Harry slides down the water slide because of the water that flows down with him. Assume that it takes Harry an average of 45 seconds to climb the stairs that lead to the top of the water slide and about 5.5 seconds to slide down the slope of the water slide.

  1. What is Harry’s mass?
  2. How much work does Harry do each time he climbs up the stairs to the top of the slide?
  3. When Harry slides down the slide, calculate how fast he should be going when he gets to the bottom of the slide, but before he hits the water in the pool?
  4. Calculate Harry’s average acceleration as he slides down the slide?
  5. How much power does Harry use in getting to the top of the slide each time that he climbs up the stairs? Give your final answer in the number of horsepower generated by Harry.

Could you please show how these problems are set up and worked out so I can understand how to do them. Thank you!

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