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G how to create an app-Googlex Home XE Topic: Module 2- Discussion: F structure.com/courses/91133/discussion topics/1387980?module item_id-4944797 interpret dut purpose of drawing valid conclusions and solving associated problems. Find & Post The distance s (in m) above the ground for a projectile fired vertically upward with a velocity of 4a m/s as a function of time t (in s ) is given bys 4jal t-4.bj Your instructor will provide you with a and b. Find the answers to these questions. Class . find t for-0 . find v fort4 . find u for t = 5 Discuss What conclusions can you draw? State the values you are using for a and b before you show the work to answer these four Remember to use the Canvas Equation Editor Post your answers in the discussion area by t day of the module week. Review & Discuss Compare and contrast your work to that of your classmates. Engage in a dialogue, addressing A=2 b=7
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