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A2E1 (5 points-C++ Program 2 Exclude any existing source code files that may already be in your IDE project and add a new 3 naming it CIA2E1 main.cpp. Write a program in that fle that displays a table of equally spaced 4 character pairs one 6 Your program must 1. prompt the user to enter any positive decimal integer value 2. read the user input value: 3. display a table containing the number of lines specified by the user input value. The tables first line must display the letters A and a, the second line must display the characters whose underlying values (note B.1) are 1 greater than those on the first line, and each successive line must display the characters whose underlying values are 1 greater than those on the previous line. This must continue until the specified number of lines has been displayed 12 13 4. display the table in the exact format shown below, including all punctuation and spacing This example is the result of a user entry value of 5 16 17 18 A - a 20 21 5. not test the user input values validity in any way, if the user inputs a negative value or a value 6. not name any variable uppercase (to avoid standard library conflicts & a bogus assignment that will eventually result in a non-existent character value just let it happen; 23 24 checker warning) 6 Manually re-run your program several times, testing with at least the following 7 input values. You may 7 have to manually kill your program when you test with -1 0 19 10 26 30 -1 0 1 Explain what happens and why in the following two situations and place these explanations as comments in your Title Block 1. 2. The user enters a value of 30 The user enters a value of -1 Submitting your solution Send your source code file to the Assignment Checker with the subject line ClA2E1 ID, where ID is your 9 character UCSD student ID. See the course document titled Preparing and Submitting Your Assignments for additional exercise formatting, submission, and Assignment Checker requirements Hints: The underlying value of a character simply means the value used to represent that character in the character set being used. For example, in the ASCI character set (note B.1) the underlying value of the characteris 64 decimal (or if you prefer, 100 octal or 40 hexadecimal). Use a for loop to loop through each successive pair of character values
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