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A power plant operates on a regenerative vapor power cycle with one open feedwater heater. Steam enters the first turbine stage at 12 MPa, 560°C and expands to 1 MPa, where some of the steam is extracted and diverted to the open feedwater heater operating at 1 MPa. The remaining steam expands through the second turbine stage to the condenser pressure of 28 kP·Saturated liquid ects the ape eedwater heater at 1 MPa. The net power output for the cycle is 330 MW. Assume that both turbine stages and both pumps have an isentropic efficiency of 90% Determine: (a) the percent cycle thermal efficiency (b) the mass flow rate into the first turbine stage, in kg/s. (c) the rate of entropy production in the open feedwater heater, in kw/K. ▼ Part A Your answer is incorrect. Try again. Determine the percent cycle thermal efficiency. 39.78 the tolerance is +/-296

a,b,c please

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