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Question: aboriginal studies before and after colonisation 1 what were some...

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Before and after colonisation

1.    What were some of the ways in which land and water management were conducted before and after colonisation? Did elements of Aboriginal people’s care for country continue? If so how?

Write approximately 100-200 words.                                                                          10

Before the colonisation of the Aboriginal land, the water management was good and secure and the land distribution was evenly spread across the land. Lands, rivers and coast lines formed the main form of income for the Aboriginal people and the economy in general. It is the flora and fauna that was their main production where the Aboriginal economies were built. However, after the colonisation of the Aboriginal land and the water management systems, the economic base of the Aboriginal people was tarnished reducing their lively hood as the traditional land and its value diminished. The Aboriginal people still cared about their land even after colonisation. They were seen as uneducated and stone age people and that of a dying race. The Aboriginal people still try and thrive off countering race genocide and they still care about their culture, language and most importantly their community and land.



2.    Did colonisation happen uniformly in New South Wales? Compare the histories of different landforms and land uses. Consider also how it occurred in your local area.

Write approximately 100-200 words.

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