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Task 2 – 20 marks

Law of the land

For multiple-choice questions, fill in the response oval next to the alternative that best answers the question.


1.    Which of the following statements about the Australian Constitution (1901) is accurate? The Australian Constitution                                                                                               1

       (A) allowed state governments to pass laws relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

       (B) gave rights protection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

       (C) recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s ownership of traditional land.

       (D) was drafted in consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


2.    The ‘White Australia policy’ was a series of rules, taxes, laws and tests imposed by the Australian government and designed to                                                                                1

       (A) assist non-European people to immigrate to Australia.

       (B) create special visas for non-European immigrants to Australia.

       (C) resettle non-European people in immigrant camps in Australia.

       (D) restrict non-European people from immigrating to Australia.


3.    The Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (1924-1929) was                             1

       (A) an academic conference.

       (B) a government agency.

       (C) a political organisation.

       (D) a workers’ union.


4.    The Day of Mourning held on 26 January 1938 was staged to protest for                     1

       (A) Aboriginal representation in the Australian Parliament.

       (B) recognition of Aboriginal civil rights.

       (C) reforms to land ownership laws.

       (D) signing of a treaty with Aboriginal people.


5.    The ‘collective right to self-determination’ refers to Aboriginal people making decisions about                                                                                                                   1

       (A) changes to Australian citizenship requirements.

       (B) implementation of government policies and legislation.

       (C) management of their own communities and organisations.

       (D) recognition of Aboriginal sovereignty and land rights claims.

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