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odle/mod/quiz/attempt.php? attempt 112634 Benjamin Lee You have correctly selected 1 Correct Marks for this submission 200/200 About 4% of the scientists in the National Academy of Sciences believe in Psa (parapsychology such as psychokinesis tion 4 telepathy, and astral projection) At a convention 118 members show up Let X be the number of scientists at the conventon who believe in Psi You may assume for the following questions that x is binomiaay distributed with parameters n 118 and ed out of 400 (a) How many scientists at the convention do you expect do believe in Psi? (b) What are the chances that none of the scientists at the convention believes in PSI? (c) What are the chances that at least 4 scientists at the convention believe in PSI? (d) What is the standard deviation of t? suppose that the proponion of voters who wwose to r smith is p 0.57. et p be the sample propo non sme a random sample of ze 143 End he o probab Do not use normal appro main
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