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According to matlab
S 272 11 2o inal Exercise Ques i Create the following matrices, and use them in the exercises that follow 15 3 22 38 12 1852 し14 382 (a) Crea le a Ⅲainx ı ailed d from the third colilllill of matrix a. b) Combine matris b and matris d to create matrix e, a two-dimensional c) Combine matris b and matrix d to create matrix E a one-dimensional d) Create a matrix g from matris a and the first three elements of mairix c e) Create a matrix h with the first clement equal to 3 the second cle- matrix with three rows and two columns matrix with six rows and one column with four rows and three columns ment equal to 2, and the third element equal to b 2) height h hase b lhe area of a triangle is, area :: ½ base-height (see Figure P4.6). Find the area of a group of triangles whose base varies from 0 to 10 m and whose ational variables, Your answer should be a twodimensional matrix Plot the following functions on the same graph for x vales from-π to π. height varies from 2 to 6 m. Choose an appropriate spacing for your calcu sclecting spacing to create a smooth plot sin(x) 为 sin (2x) sin(3x) Line 1 is red and dashed Line 2 is blue and solid. * line 3 is green and douce
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