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According to matlab

12. Repeat the previous problem in order to select 3 particles one after one. 13. Re-write the following code wit hout using break command, but still with while loop. i=1000 while I diff abs(i 1 alt) if diff5 break end end 14. Write a MATLAB script which prompts the user his/her age, weight and height. The user will be returned back with a message like YOU ARE ELIGIBLE if the age is between 20 and 35, if the weight is between 60 kg and 80 kg, and if the height is between 165 em and 185 em 15. Five identical particles are initially found in a plane with the following positions r-2 -5 803 -2 3 -5 8 9 Find the center of masses of these particles rA here m, are the masses. (Using the vectorization method (no loop) (ANSWER Xc-08:Ye- 2.60) 16. Repeat the previous: problem if the particles are not identical with m = 2 4 3 6 5 kg (ANSWER хем-0.75; YeM-4.30) 17. Solve the previous problem using for loop. 18. Given 10:0:1 and 10-1;. What is the result of 19. Given z-1 4 26 3 840. What is the result of
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