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According to matlab
3)yPlotting with Projectiles Use the following information in Problems 5.6 through 5.10 The distance a projectile travels when fired at an angle is a function of time and can be divided into horizontal and vertical distances according to the formulas horizontal(1)cos and vrnical(1) fl, sin (θ) Ire where horizontal vertical distance traveled in the x direction distance traveled in the y direction initial velocity acceleration due to gravin, 9.8 m/s time.s Suppose the projectile just described is fired at an initial velocity of 100 m/s and a launch! anglc of π /4 (45° ). Find the distancc travelcd boh horizon- ally and vertically (in the x and y directions) for imes from 0 to 20 s with a spacing of.01 seconds (a) Graph horizontal distance versus time b) In a new figure window, plot vertical disance versus time (with time on the xaxis). Dont forget a title and labels
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