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Activity 3 4. In the metric sys tem, we often have to convert from one prefix into another prefix, such as converting cm into mm. When this occurs, we often change the initial prefix (cm) into meters and then change meters back into mm. We are using two conversions to make this change. Remembering only a few definition as they relate back to the base unit is simpler than trying to remember all the relationships between the each of the prefixes. When you have two or more different units to convert, consider the problem as two separate conversions that are then linked together. a) Blood glucose levels higher than 200 mg/dL or lower than 40 mg/dL are life threatening The lab reported a patients glucose blood level as 3000.0 ug/mL. What is the blood glucose level for this patjent in mg/du? How is the pat mg 3000 ug 1 mL b) What if the same patient then had a glucose blood level of 0.0000120 kg/el. Has he improved or become sicker? speed, which is the relationship be distance moved and time taken, is used to accomplish this transition. How long does it take light to reach the earth from the sun? You need to know that the sun is 93 million miles from the earth and light travels at a speed of 3.00 x 10° m/s (a unit factor). Express the time as minutes 5. In this problem, you will have to change from a distance unit into a time unit. Velocity or
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