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Activity 3.4.3. A hiker starting at a point P on a straight road walks east towards point Q. which is on the road and 3 kilometers from point FP. Two kilometers due north of point Q is a cabin. The hiker will walk down the road for a while, at a pace of 8 kilometers per hour. At some point Z between and Q, the hiker leaves the road and makes a straight line towards the cabin through the woods, hiking at a pace of 3 kph, as pictured in Figure 3.4.3. In order to minimize the time to go from Pto Z to the cabin, where should the hiker turn into the forest? cabin 2 Figure 3.4.3. A hiker walks from P to Z to the cabin, as pictured. In more geometric problems, we often use curves or functions to provide natural constraints. For instance, we could investigate which isosceles triangle that circumscribes a unit circle has the smallest area, which you can explor yourself at http://gvsu.edu/s/9b. Or similarly, for a region bounded by.a parabola, we might seek the rectangle of largest area that fits beneath the curve as shown at http://gvsu.edu/s/9c. The next activity is similar to the latter problem. e for
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