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Activity 4-2-Compatibility Mode References Mailings Review View ·-·-·ー·ーー釓町 , 2-B. Help Tell me what you want to do [ 1 A- 甬 | 1Normal! Π No Spac Heading i Heading 2 Parag ph Styles Activity 4-2 This activity helps to illustrate that an athletes carbohydrate intake shoulc be periodized rather than consistent over the long term. Determine an appropriate amount of carbohydrate for an athlete for the periods listed. Assume that the athlete is not restricting energy intake or trying to change body composition. If general recommendations are given as a range, students should briefly explain why they chose the recommendation that they did. Calculations are needed to translate the g/kg recommendation to total g of CHO. Base your answers on a male, highly raniked recreational tennis player preparing for a league-ending tournament: CHO recommended (s/k) Time period Two months prior to competition Week prior to Actual CHO needed During exercise (if needed) After exercise
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