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adjusted trial balance

ent CAL Exercise 4-07 a-b (Part Level Submission) (video) Victoria Lee Company had the following adjusted trial balance. Victoria Lee Company Adjusted Trial Balance For the Month Ended June 30, 2020 Adjusted Trial Balance Account Titles Debit Credit Cash Accounts Receivable $3,712 3,904 480 Supplies Accounts Payable $1,382 160 5,760 Unearned Service Revenue Owners Capital Owners Drawings Service Revenue Salaries and Wages Expense Miscellaneous Expense Supplies Expense Salaries and Wages Payable 550 4,300 1,260 256 1,900 460 12,062 $12,062

gnment CALCULA ▼ (b) Prepare a post-closing trial balance VICTORIA LEE COMPANY Post-Closing Trial Balance Debit Creditg Totals Click if you would like to Show work for this question:ohom e g 0回

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