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Advanced Fluid Power

Find the needed head (ft) and power (hp) for the pump installed in the system shown in the adjacent figure that runs refrigerant with S.g.-0.9 through five coils, as shown. The head loss in cach of the pipin Table 2. (Neglect kinetic, static, dynamic pressure, potential head, and minor losses). The refrigerant flow rate in each coil line is as shown in Table 1 g sections and in the coils are as provided in coil Table 1- Refrigerant flow rate in gal/min (gpm) ah de ow Table 2 Head loss in cach respective section (in feet) Unit/section lEach col a-b a-h b b-C Ccd Cf d-e e-f t head loss in ft h h-ii 6 Hint: Use analogy with electric eircuit; the current is divided by the voltage is the same across the 4-parrallel branches. The head of the pump is analogous to voltage. The pump head should overcome the maximum head loss inside your system. Dont forget to include the head in the pipes before and after the pump that connects the pump to the four parallel paths)

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