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5 b. Wage expenses of $2.400 have been incurred but are not paid as of December 31 e, MAR Company has $6,400 bank loan and has incurred (but not recorded) 6% interest expense of $384 for the year ended hired a firm that provided lewn services during December for $640. M&R will pay for December lawn services on has earned $340 in interest revenue from investments for the year ended December 31. The interest revenue vll be paets . The December 31 d. M&R will pay the $384 interest in cash on January 2 following the companys year-end s year end year-end f. Salary expenses of $1,040 have been earned by supervisors but not paid as of December 31 Prepare year-end sdịusting journal entries for M&R Company as o○ecember 31 for each of the above separate cases Journal entry worksheet are expected to pay the


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