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Question: after listening to abes argument sid asked himself quotis the...

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After listening to Abe's argument, Sid asked himself, "Is the evidence plentiful and valid? Are there exceptions Abe
has not mentioned?" Was Sid listening mindfully? (Multiple Choice)

  • No, because he evaluated what Abe said rather than just paraphrasing it.

  • Yes, because he challenged the validity of what Abe said, which listeners must always do.

  • Yes, because he waited for Abe to finish, then evaluated Abe's evidence.

  • No, because listeners are never supposed to challenge a speaker's validity.

Who is NOT listening for understanding? (Multiple Choice)

  • Herb is silent while Barbara is talking, and he waits until she is finished to evaluate what she has said.

  • After listening to a list of instructions from her manager, Grace repeats the main points in her own words
    and asks her manager to verify that she got them straight.

  • Cheyenne listens with her eyes as much as her ears, observing body language cues and hearing both verbal
    and nonverbal communication.

  • Although Rick does not feel entirely clear about the details he just received, he thinks he got the gist. He does not want to appear unprofessional or ignorant, so he says he understands rather than asking annoying questions.

Brooke often points out errors in what other speakers say, and she is quick to notice inconsistencies and contradictions
in speech. What kind of listening is this? (Multiple Choice)

  • analytical

  • critical

  • relational

  • task-oriented

Cindy is in an important meeting, but her cell phone, which she has silenced, keeps buzzing, and her coworkers keep
sending instant messages to her laptop, which she is using to take notes. Which psychological barrier to effective
listening is affecting her? (Multiple Choice)

  • preoccupation

  • message overload

  • ethnocentrism

  • fear of appearing ignorant

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