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Air Pollution Control

Problem 1 - [14 marks, a-10 marks; b-4 marks] a) Design a Swift, conventional cyclone to handle 19,000 cfm (at 250 F and 1 atm) of polluted air with the following particle size distribution. Density of the particles is 1250 kg/m. The required efficiency must be between 70% and 80%, and the maximum allowable pressure drop is 8.0 in. H,O Size range, μm 0-4 4-10 10-20 20-40 40-80 >80 Mass Percent in Size Range 10 30 40 15 b) Estimate the annual electricity cost to run the cyclone that you have designed. Assume a fan/motor efficiency of 65%. Electricity costs $0.08/kWh, and the fan runs 7,800 hours per year

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