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Air pollution control

An Anaerobic digestion system produces 10,000,000 mlyear biogas (methane and carbon dioxide). The company is currently burning methane prior to discharge into the atmosphere. A consultant was hired to investigate the option of installing a heat recovery boiler to burn the biogas and recover the heat in the form of steam.Given that Heating value of the biogas 26,000 kJ/m3 biogas Only 25% of the generated heat from burning biogas is recovered to evaporate water and generate steam. Water heat of vaporization 2,260 kJ/kg of water evaporated Steam price - S0.025/kg steam . Installed cost of the boiler- $1,500,000 . Service life hn-4 a) Determine rate of return on the investment (ROI) if you use straight-line method for Operating cost excluding depreciation-S 400,000 per year Service life of the boiler- 10 years . depreciation calculation b) Determine rate of return on the investment (ROI) if you use declining-balance method for depreciation calculation

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