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Alex is a 5 year old, who recently moved to Australia from China. He is the eldest child of three. Alex’s parents have high expectations of him being the first male child. Alex speaks limited English. Alex is an innovative and imaginative child who likes getting his own way. Alex approaches you (educator) and asks if he and the other children could play a Chinese coin game he knows. It is called ‘Throw Coins’. Alex is not sure how to play so you have done some research and found out the following information: ‘Throw coins’ involves drawing a circle and putting 12 coins in the middle, the objective is to knock the most coins out of the ring. He wants to play it on the pathway as it is the only flat concreted area.Alex has thought about what the game requires and returns to tell you the rules of the game that he remembers and that you need coins. You realise that coins are not readily available to the children.

question :

Write a short script (100 words) that shows how you would explain to Alex that there are no coins and

therefore a limitation of resources, and how you would explore different alternative materials, without

discouraging his idea.

You have observed Alex finding it very difficult to take direction from other children. He is easily

frustrated and tends to push and shout at the other children. He also likes to be the first person at each

activity and doesn’t like sharing. What techniques would you use to guide Alex’s inappropriate behaviour?

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