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All threee questions if possible
102 40. Determine the values of the variable for which the expression is defined as a real number. (Enter your answer using interval notation.) V3x2 17x + 10 A car rental company offers two plans for renting a car. Plan A: $25 per day and 10c per mile Plan B: $55 per day with free unlimited mileage For what range of miles will plan B save you money? Plan B saves money when a person averages more than 300 miles per day 42· 0-3 points SAgTng4 1.7.084 As dry air moves upward, it expands and, in so doing, cools at a rate of about 1°C for each 100-meter rise, up to about 12 km. (a) If the ground temperature is 16°C, write a formula for the temperature T at height h (in meters). (b) What range of temperatures can be expected if an airplane takes off and reaches a maximum height of 3 km? The range of temperature is a minimum of °C and a maximum of oC.
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