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All work must be shown.
Chapter Section 2.1: Question#3 (29 points) The Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA provides statistics on the most popular majors among incoming college freshman. The five most popular majors are Arts & Humanities (A), Business Administration (B), Engineering (E), Professional (P), and Social Science (S). A broad range of other (O) majors [including biological science, physical science, computer science, and education) are grouped together. The majors selected for a sample of 64 college freshmen follow Summarize the data by constructing or answering the following a. A frequency distribution and percent frequency distribution b. A bar chart (Using Excel) c. What percentage of freshmen select one of the five most popular majors? d. What is the most popular major for incoming freshmen? What percentage of freshmen select this major? A pie chart (Using Excel) e.
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