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Allowed (25 polnis (All work must be done in the space provided) 34 ft 68 Elastigirl (left) suddenly notices Jack-Jack crawling along the top of the movie screen. Screen Slaver (right) is behind the screen looking down to try to find his protective glasses. Screen Slaver is 3.4 feet away and is looking down with an angle of depression of 68 toward the screen. Eastigirls hand is 10 feet from the top of the screen. Determine the following (show all work): Height of the screen. (5 pts) Elastigirls angle of elevation, θ . (5 pts) The screen is separated into 4 quadrants. Three of the quadrants have the power to hypnotize whoever sees it. The Incredibles do not want to watch an area with the hypnotic powers. The answers to the following equations are the angles, which will indicate where these powers are located. Solve each equation for e (0s0<2T). Good luck! (Credit will only be given if all work is shown). 2sinGcos0-cos0 (7 pts) -2sin 0 +3cos0+3-0 (7 pts)
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