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Question: allura red moles question of the day qod if you...

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Allura Red Moles

Question of the Day {QOD}:

If you decided to drink massive amounts of Cherry Kool-AidTM on a dare, would you die from Allura Red toxicity or water intoxication first?

5.   Answer the Question of the Day. Support your answer with specific evidence from your experimentation including LD50 calculations. In your discussion, calculate both the amount of grams and moles of Allura red in Kool-Aid as well as the volume of Kool-Aid you would need to ingest to reach the median lethal dose of Allura red

The concentration of Allura red used was 1.89x10^-4 M

Kool aid absorbance (after dilution: 1mL kool aid, 9mL water): 0.453

Kool aid concentration: 1.97x10^-4 M

LD50 water: 90g/kg

LD50 (rats and mice): 6,000 - 10,000 mg/kg

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