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VS | 2Vpp | f= 100Hz R3 R1 VaIN R2 R2 R3 R4 Fig. 1.2

5. In the lab, assemble the circuit in Fig. 1.2, ensure resistor values by using the MS8217 Handheld Multimeter to measure them. 6. Set the Function Generator in your ADK. Adjust the ADK function generator Vs to provide a 2 Vpp sinewave at 100 Hz frequency a. 7. Use the ADK to obtain Voltage across R2 and R4 a. Use the ADK oscilloscope to obtain the Voltage waveforms across R2 and b. Save the screenshot with Vr2, VR4 and paste onto the result section of the c. Measure the current through R2 and R4 and the voltage across - Vr2, VR- 8. Document the comparison between the MS8217 multimeter Voltage results for R4. Obtain Vpp, and Vrms of R2 and R4 lab report with the MS8217 multimeter. R2 and R4 with the ADK oscilloscope Vrms values for the same resistors. This results should be equal since:

9. Change the ADK generator waveforms to a Triangular wave and then to a Square wave. In both cases repeat steps 7a, 7b, 7c and 8 above. 10. Calculate the factor between the Vpeak obtained from the ADK oscilloscope and the Vrms value obtained from the ADK multimeter for the Triangular and the Square waves. For example for the Sine wave the factor is 1/N2, since 11, Use % Error to compare the calculated, LTspice and Lab results.

Alright guys i need some major help with this. I have done my LTspice, but i need help building on breadboard and running it using the oscilloscope. Please help me out as much as you can. Thank you. Please show the hook ups to the oscilloscope so i can make sure im doing mine correct. Thank you in advance.

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