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Question: alter to htmlphp code to submit the form to a...

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Alter to HTML/PHP Code to submit the form to a web address

Here is the hint:
Use the POST method and set your action to:

<Idoctype html> <html lang-en head> くmeta charset-UTF-8> <meta name-Generator content- EditPlus> kmeta name-Author content- <meta name-Keywords content-> <meta name-Description content-> くtitle>Document</title> </head> <body> <h1> Student Application </h1> <hr> <h3> welcome to the student application process for Fake University . Please enter the following information and click submit when you are done </h3> くform action -../action-page.php> <p>First Name<input type text name -FirstNamex/p> <p>Last Name :<input type = text name-LastName ></p> <p>E-mail Addressinput type text nameil>x/p> <p> what degree are you applying for ? <select name-Associate> option value-Associates>Associates</option> option value-developer>developer</option> Koption value- Architect>architect</option> option value-manager manager</option> </select>x/p> <p> what type of student are you? <br Kinput typeradio name- job value-Transfer>Transfer <br> kinput type -radio name- job value- New >New <brxbr><br> Select any of the following that describe you: <br> kinput type checkbox name US1 value veteran>I am a US meletary veteran <br> input type-checkbox name = US2 value- serving > 1 am Currently serving in the USnilitary <br> kinput type-checkbox nameUS3 valuedisabled >I am disabled <br) input type checkbox name US4 value felony> I have convictes of felony <brxbrxbry Describe any achievement in your life: <br> <textarea rows 4 cols-50> </textarea> <br> input type submit value-Submit Applicatoin> 住nput type-reset value-clear Applicaton) </form> /body> </html>

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