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Am I close?
Codio-Lists X python ist explain ists5c171 Fmax py C codo Project File Edit Find View Tools Education Help ,Co-Eve. Pree index lead.O Corten. - 3. 5. Max nu e Get our nunbers from the command Line import sys CoeagveChan 4 numbers: sys.argv1).split( S numbers: [int() for i in numbers 3. 5. Max number # Your code goes here We will pass in a list of numbers. Your job is to find the largest number in that list and output its index not the actual value 18 for i in range(8, 180) print(i) print ) print(i) if i 1 23: print(i) Tip: you will need to use a ubility variable to store the maximum value and a decision to see if each number is bigger than the current maximum value encountered in previous iterations print(5) fs22 print(i) LAST RUN Program Output print(4) Project container was seepped by inactivity smeous, please reload tab ype here to search の
Codo Lists C Codio Project Fie Edt Fnd view Tools Education Help Confue.Project Index (static)Confiaure max.py 2Get our numbers from the command line Collapue Challenges import sys 5 numbers [int(i) for i in numbers] # Your code goes here 4 numbers sys.argv[].split, 3. 5. Max number for i in range (8,100) : ifisz 1: print(i) LAST RU, on 1/28/2019 7 2456~, Program Output ifiS print () Program Failed for Input print(i) ifi 23: print(i) if i 78 print(i) 5,8.23,78.22.0 Expected Output 4 Your Program Output 0 print(i) print(i) Project container was stopped by inactvity timeout plemme reload tab Python Type here to search
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