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Amino acids
4. Draw titration curves for Leu, Arg, and Tyr Indicate all of the pkas on the curve Indicate the buffering regions Calculate the pl and show your work Draw the amino acid structures at pHs 1, 6, and 12. 5. For a protein found in the cytosol, predict whether the following amino acids would be more likely buried on the inside of the protein or placed on the outside. Offer explanations. Arg. Trp, lle, Met, Cys, Pro 6. Describe how the placement of amino acids in a transmembrance protein would be different from the amino acids in a protein found in the cytosol. 7. Why are most charged amino acids, like the acidic and basic amino acids, on the surface of a protein? Connect your explanation to the types of NCF and entropy considerations
Review the information on the reaction for making a peptide bond A. What type of reaction is peptide bond formation? The ΔGo, for peptide bond formation is > 0, How does this reaction occur? what does this imply about the Keq for the reaction? C. Why are proteins so stable given the AG and Keq values?
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