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An AGVS has an average loaded travel distance per delivery-500 ft. The average empty travel distance is 160 ft. Required number of deliveries per hour 50. Time to load the AGVS is 0.5 min and time to unload the AGVS is 0.4 min. The AGV speed 125 ft/min. Estimated worker efficiency 90%, traffic factors 0.85 and availability 0.95. 17. The workload ismin/hour 18. The number of vehicles required to operate the system: 19. The number of deliveries that can be made by a carrier (deliveries/hr) 20. Time to complete a delivery (delivery time or cycle timemin Each aisle of a six-aisle Automated Storage/Retrieval System is to contain 50 storage compartments in the length direction and 8 compartments in the vertical direction. All storage compartments will be the same size to accommodate standard size pallets of dimensions: x 40 in and y 48 in. The height of a unit load z 30 in. Using the allowances a 6 in, b-8 in, and c -10 in, Find: 21. Total number of compartments that can be stored in the AS/RS 22. The widths 23. and height - Part Z requires machining on a m week, and 18 hours per day. The following information is known: illing machine. The company will be operating 6 days per Machine Standard Efficiency Reliability Scrap time milling 5 min 95% 95% 2% Note: the milling machine requires tool changes and preventive maintenance after every 500 parts. These changes require 30 minutes. 24. The number of machines required to produce 3000 parts per week
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