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Question: an airfoil flies through air at va a indicated by...

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An airfoil flies through air at Va. A indicated by the dashed line. Top and bottom boundaries, 2 and 4, coincide with upper streamlines, while other boundaries, 1 and 3, extend vertically between these s velocities on boundaries 1 and 3 are in the x coordinate direction only. The pressure a constant. The velocity at the entrance 1 is uniform V..The velocity profile on boundary 3 the maximum velocity of Ve. the ratio h/g-2.292. control volume is drawn around the and lower streamlines. The and density are 3 is given, with undary Find: a) The maximum velocity at the exit surface, Ve as a function of V.. b) Find the Drag force as function of density, V andg c) Find Lift force. y-g/2 1. Uniform velocity,U, pressure P 2. Pressure, P 3. Velocity,Uo) give x. pressure P 4. Pressure,P 5. Note: hg- 229 82 x-b/2

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