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Question: an amount of money p is invested in an account...

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An amount of money P is invested in an account where interest is compounded at the end of the period. The future worth F yielded at an interest rate i after n periods may be determined from the following formula


A student John worked in the cafeteria during summers and contributed $5000/year to his Roth IRA during 4 years in college (age 18-21). He never contributed a dime to his retirement account later. On the other hand, Jenna plans to contribute to her IRA $10,000/year for 20 years from ages 40 to 59. Make a Matlab function or script to compute how much each of them will have in their respective retirement account at the age of 60. Assume the average annual interest rate of 8.5%. What if the average interest rate was 12%?

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