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Question: an application is needed to provide access for a stocktracking...

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An application is needed to provide access for a stock-tracking application under construction for client, Stock Market Trading. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) application allows users to track their own customized account list of stock holdings. As the GUI will change over time, a program must be available that will provide database access independent of the GUI.

  1. User data consists of an ID, firstname, lastname, password, and an indicator for an administrative or non-administrative user. User IDs must be unique and used to access user data. Given a User object, the program can add, update, or delete the user data in the database. Given a user ID, the program can return the User object. The program can return from the database/array a list of all user IDs, the first and last names of each, and whether or not each is an administrator.
  2. For each stock, one stock symbol and one corresponding description exists. The description is the name of the stock. The symbol is the unique access to stock data. The program can add a stock given a symbol and a description. The program can delete a stock for an existing stock symbol. The program can provide a stock description (name) given an existing stock symbol.
  3. The program maintains the relationship between users and stocks. One user can have zero to many stocks, and one stock can have one to many users. Stocks held by at least one user are retained in the database/array. If a stock is removed from a user’s holdings and no other user holds that stock, the stock and its description are removed from the database/array. If a user is deleted from the system, all stock holdings for the user must be deleted. Users cannot delete a stock, only their stock holdings.
  4. Given a user ID, the program can provide a list of stocks held by the user. The program can add or delete a stock holding given a user ID and stock symbol.
  5. A utility program should create the database structure and one administrative user entry in the database. This user entry will be used for the initial user log on so that additional users may be added by the application. Subsequent executions should restore the database to its initial state.

Your project MUST include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Abstract Classes
  • Database Connectivity
  • Use of Arrays
  • Menu Driven
  • Servlets
  • Create/Write/Update data to a sequential file
  • Manipulation of data by changing stock price, yield, number of shares, etc.

    What I need currently is a High-Level design made... Either a Flowchart or in Pseudocode.
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